Rah Rahs Tech Truck

Rah Rah’s Tech Truck connects technology and kids (in underprivileged hoods) to help kids achieve their dreams.

The Tech Truck will be visiting cities, bringing technology to kids to help them follow their passions in music, coding, and film, helping them break the chain of underachievement.

In January, 2014 I was invited to take place in Hackdance, the first celebrity-driven hackathon whose mission is to design apps and hacks that use technology to create social impact. At Hackdance, I worked with a small group of engineers and designers along with Waka Flocka Flame to create a website and SMS voting application to support Waka's TechTruck charity. I was responsibe for leading the implemetation of the Rails site and the entirity of the SMS voting system.

Project Rah Rahs Tech Truck
Launched 2014
Role Rails Website and Backend
Press PandoDaily